Theme woes and other stuff….

Ok, I’ve been forever breaking and mending this site for the last couple of days. Yet again, I’m not real happy with the limited theme I chose, so I will be changing themes again and customizing it the way I like it. I hope this next one will be better, and offer the options I want so I don’t have to go mucking about in the code. I have lots of plans for this blog and I hope I can get them all rolled out.

Here are some changes I’ve made in the last couple of days:

  • I’ve changed to a micro-format for recipes for Google optimization, and it actually works. The former plug-in just didn’t work.
  • I’ve switched over to Feedburner news feeds. It’ll help with both server load and bandwidth.
  • Aside from Facebook integration, Twitter integration is now installed.
  • There is a mobile version of this site. If you come to this site from your smart phone or iPod Touch, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So my to-do list as of right now is:

  • Change to a new theme.
  • Possibly start a demonstration video podcast or a regular audio podcast.

So I should get going! I have a prior engagement this evening, but I’ll get to the to-do’s in the next couple of days.

Happy eating!

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